Weekly business report

An overview of the CDC influenza surveillance system, including methodology and detailed descriptions of each data component, is available at http: Influenza activity in the United States remains low, although small increases in activity were reported. Influenza A H1N1 pdm09, influenza A H3N2and influenza B viruses continue to co-circulate, with influenza A H1N1 pdm09 viruses reported most commonly by public health laboratories since September 30, Below is a summary of the key influenza indicators for the week ending November 10,

Weekly business report

Reports you should use to assess business performance July 15, In the previous post we mentioned that as a small business owner you should know the key numbers of your business by heart. These key numbers provide valuable insight in your business and act as early warning indicators. Without them you may not realize if the business is heading for trouble and by the time you do it may be too late.

We also advise you to spare some time from daily operations and spend 15 minutes daily and several hours weekly and monthly to go over the reports that show how your business is performing.

In this post we will provide more details about these reports and what you should look weekly business report in them.

weekly business report

The reports should include key data along three components of your business — sales, expense and customers. By taking care of key parameters within these three components your business should be able to perform well in good times and bad.

When analyzing these reports, look for trends in the key parameters rather than looking at them in a vacuum. Typically, the trends should show comparison to the same reporting period from previous year called Year over Year comparison as well as comparison to the previous reporting period from the same year called Sequential comparison.

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These two types of comparisons give you enough information to uncover positives as well negatives in your business and take appropriate actions. In our view you should look at the reports for these periods — daily, weekly, monthly, annual.

Below we have highlighted the key parameters you should look for in each of these periods. Daily — The key parameters you should look at every day are sales, customer count and average order.

The quick glance at these parameters and comparison to prior periods will help you know if this was just a typical day or anything unusual happened that day. If the sales went down dramatically for a particular day you should find out the reason.

Weekly — The weekly reports should focus on the key parameters in the daily reports as well as labor cost. If the labor cost percent goes up for a particular week it could be because of scheduling issues or the sales may have dropped for that week even though the labor schedule remained the same.

In either case you should prepare to take actions if the labor cost continues to trend upwards for few weeks. As you can see the monthly report should show you overall profit and loss picture for your business.

At the end of every month you should also look at year-to-date performance and analyze if you are on target to meet the year-end goals for sales and profit.

Annual — Annual report should include comprehensive study of your business by working with your accountant and other key people within your company — CFO, Marketing Chief, Board of Directors, etc. You should also plan for the coming year based on the performance of the current year.

What other information would you like to see in these reports?


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The main purpose of the Weekly Flash Report is to simply and quickly highlight the key performance metrics for your business on a weekly basis.

WEEKLY FLASH PAGE 1 Page 1 of the Weekly Flash Report is generally an Executive Summary type of page. In the end, no matter what business you’re running, a business is a business, so a simple one-page daily Flash Report is usually enough for anyone to keep their eye on the ball.

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