The party

Examples of party in a Sentence Noun We are having a party. Our New Year's Eve party was a huge success. Verb He spent the weekend partying with his friends.

The party


There are no records of where the boundary lies so we assume it runs down the middle of this wall. On the other side of the wall, there is a single storey storeroom created in the s by roofing over the garden of Neighbour Two.

So the storeroom belongs to Neighbour Two. There is probably some tanking or a void between the storeroom and the boundary wall, but the boundary wall does support the roof of the storeroom.

Thus, it will be noted that the shared boundary wall has to be used for two purposes — to act as a garden wall for Neighbour One and to act as part of a flat-roofed building for Neighbour Two.

If the two neighbours differ in their view as to how to maintain the wall, how could this be resolved, preferably without recourse to party wall surveyors and serving formal notices? And does the Access to Neighbouring Land Act apply here, even though the boundary wall is agreed to be a shared party wall and Neighbour Two cannot prove or claim full ownership?

The notice should set out what is proposed and how they think the costs should be apportioned. If the adjoining owner does not agree with what is proposed they they can dissent to the notice and trigger a dispute — both owners would then have to appoint surveyors or a single surveyor to determine that dispute.

Section 11 5 of the Act sets out how the costs of the works should be defrayed between the owners i. Neither their builder or surveyor was aware that the level of our garden is higher than the plot and that the walls they are building onto will be effectively below ground or that they also bordered another garden.

I have no building experience and so I am not sure whether their construction method is correct. Do I just have to accept their opinion that the wall will be fine with more weight added and holes dug nearby? It was ridiculously expensive and disruptive.

Can I ask to see who has insurance in case someone makes a mistake? The surveyor has emailed to say a Party Wall Notice is coming in the post and done some updated plans.

I think we need advice about the Party Wall Notice but also the boundary generally. If we enter into a Party Wall Agreement are we conceding that we do not own the wall without any further investigation? Finally over the summer the owner was with the surveyor as I passed and they mentioned that they would like access to my garden to erect scaffolding.

I asked at the time and subsequently in writing that they let me have details in good time for me to consider but I have no further information. Were we to agree to scaffolding I guess we would need an agreement in place for that.

Answer Assuming that the wall at the end of the garden is built astride the boundary it will be a party fence wall. That being the case, any works that directly affect that wall or any adjacent excavation will be notifiable to you under the Party Wall Act. Party wall surveyors do not determine boundaries but nothing that they agree will affect the current status of the wall.

On our side of the wall and fence is an established border with mature plants and fruit trees. Our neighbour informs us that the brick wall will have to be demolished, the wooden fence taken down, and the border removed and paved as we would not be allowed to breach the new damp proof course to his extension.

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We just want to know whether a he has the right to destroy our brick wall, and b has the right to tell us that we can no longer have a planted border as it would breach his damp proof course? Answer If the wall is on your land as you say below your neighbours do not have the right to remove it.

The Party Wall Act gives them the right to underpin it if that is necessary to keep it stable during the works. If your wall remains the question in respect of bridging the damp-proof course does not arise. If you allowed your wall to be removed to be neighbourly that would be as part of an overall agreement to reinstate your planter in a way that did not bridge the damp-proof course e.The Knights Party is pleased that the midterm election brought a victory to White America.

The party

Now, many may not consider it a victory, but traditionally, midterm elections always swung the pendulum to the other party. Peter Sellers is a disaster-prone actor from India who is at first thrown off the set by the producer of a film then invited to his posh Hollywood party.

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Bee Decorated Chandelier Compliments HapBEE Birthday Table was the foundation. I left it decorated for the Alice in Wonderland party.

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