Strengths and weaknesses of red cross

Strong brand equity The American Red Cross has a very strong brand equity. The fact that it is the name that comes to mind in case of a disaster or any other situation that demands humanitarian assistance means that it enjoys the strongest brand equity among the non-profit organizations. The advantages associated with this are an increase in the level of public and private donations towards the organization as well as better collaboration from various individuals and groups in regard to volunteering and other activities.

Strengths and weaknesses of red cross

Conclusions and Discussion 1. This organization kicks back its root inand its major goal is to provide aid to the victims of technological and natural disasters, and health emergencies as well as the refugees.

Strengths and weaknesses of red cross

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement act as the main representative for its members in the international arena. In addition, it enhances the cooperation among the national societies, and assists in promoting their ability to perform disaster, health, social programmes and preparedness effectively.

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It has 30 governorate headquarters and branches throughout the country. Beside its core activity of relief and disaster preparedness, the Iranian Red Crescent engages in wide-ranging humanitarian services in health and rehabilitation, training and research.

The Society is held in high esteem by the Iranian general public Norbala, A, Iranian Red Crescent Organization has been always the pioneer of humanitarian activities, raising the white flag of humanity, epitomizing sacrifice. It is not easy task to gather a series of attempts, achievements and services provided by Iranian Red Crescent Society to damaged and miserable people, describe the magnificent moment of philanthropy and sacrifice, and depict the smily and cheerful face of aid workers who give help and hope to needy people Mubashar Ria Sheikh and M.

The seven principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent are as follows: Lack of private motive: Such society must officially be introduced to the international official authorities by the government of the respective country. Red Crescent and Red Cross societies are not limited by geographical borders and regions, and their objectives and activities cover the whole world Avijgan M, Karamalian M, Ashourioun V, Changiz T Training of almost all aid working and humanitarian activities is provided to members in form of camping Junxiu Wu, Such camping is held on different levels including branch, province, country, and sometime, international level, with each of which following a different objective, and therefore, holding different programs depending on the type of camping Asadi, The fact that the camps are categorized in thematic terms indicates diversity of activities and trainings provided to the members and also provide an opportunity for identification and realization of the talents and potentials of the members Tajik, The present research was conducted for the same purpose.

This research tries to answer questions like these: This research was conducted using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The procedures in which each method was applied are as follows.

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Quantitative Method In this section, survey method was applied. First, several heuristic interviews were made mostly with older and more experienced members; and several camps of the organization were attended, including Bandar Anzali Vividness and Dynamism Camp summer,Kerman Desert Expedition spring,Mashhad Scout Trainers spring,and the manner in which programs were conducted in different camps, members dealt with different situations in camps were observed, and based on the observations, two questionnaires were developed; one specific to members and the other to supervisors.

Qualitative Method The interview is usually called a targeted dialogue. In this study, interviews were used to collect data In order to collect data, over 20 in-depth personal interviews were made with old and experienced members of the organization from different cities including Karaj, Esfahan, Kerman, Ilam, Qom, Ardebil, Bushehr, Semnan, etc.Red Crescent Youth Organization is focused on holding camps.

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Almost all aid working and humanitarian activities are provided in formed training of the members. Undoubtedly, camps are so important to this organization that performance evaluation of the camps, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, asking for opinions of members and supervisors about quality of the camps and listening to.

Red Cross raised billions of dollars whether it was during Sandy, Katrina, Haiti and 9/ Strengths and weaknesses run through every single person that has ever existed.

Everyone can be defined through some sort of strength or weakness.

Strengths and weaknesses of red cross

Essay American Red Cross Swot Analysis. Words Mar 26th, 13 Pages. Weaknesses Distracted. The Red Cross has to coordinate its effort among 1, chapters and to expand its reach across America, also the American Red Cross has many services across the whole country, such as biomedical services, community services, and disaster.

Red Cross initiative focuses on strengths, weakness and readiness

Red Cross raised billions of dollars whether it was during Sandy, Katrina, Haiti and 9/ Strengths and weaknesses run through every single person that has ever existed. Everyone can be defined through some sort of strength or weakness. Dec 04,  · The strength of American Red Cross is its opportunity that it provides for people to step in and make a difference in the livelihoods to come out of problems faced in a disaster.

The Weakness of the American Red Cross is lack of volunteers and lack of supplies to reach all the needs they Open. Red Cross Mission ¬The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and assist people prepare for and respond to emergencies.

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