Should we legalize the sale of

Should we legalize organ sales? It was the first proven case of the existence of a black market organ trafficking.

Should we legalize the sale of

Some people often risk their life for money. My topic is whether we should legalize or illegalize sales of human organs. I thought that legalizing and illegalizing sales of human organs will both cause huge problem.

To prove it, I will use statistical analysis based on high credibility. Finally, I would like to make solutions for this issue such as government restriction and control.

First of all, the definition of human organ sales is exchanging human organs with money. Human organs imply organs that are crucial for all humans. For example, hearts, liver, kidney and etc.

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So the main topic of this research is whether human dignity could be traded with money. Now we will look at the aspects of both legalizing and illegalizing human organs. The most important reason why we should legalize human organs is that large number of people die because they are not able to find a suitable donor; as the system of connecting patients and donors does not work properly.

Choosing an appropriate donor for a patient is not a simple work.

Should we legalize the sale of

There are a lot of factors that should be considered such as type of the blood. According to Castrothere is large shortage of organs all over the world.

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To be specific, in the US, about 75, were waiting for the kidney transplants in But only 18, got their kidneys. About 4, of those Americans have died, waiting until the end of A large of number of patients were deleted from waiting lists, because development of their illness actually made them not able to adapt to new organs.

According to KishoreThousands of more people could be saved if medical staff searched for possible donors more often. Also, Sally Satel, a psychiatrist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who received a kidney form a friend instates that as time passes, the waiting list is getting longer and the time needed for transplantation is getting longer, too.

Should we legalize the sale of

So many people need an inducement to give their own organs for other people. Therefore, those people who want to save lives of other people should be legally awarded. That means that donors are cheated by those brokers and they give their organs for very little prices.Others, however, argue that allowing the sale of harvested organs would decrease equity of access between the rich and poor and foster an illicit organ trade in developing nations.

Should we legalize the market for human organs? Legalizing the sale of organs would allow people to legally sale human organs. In the United States alone around 7, people each year die for the lack of organ transplants.

Some organs are more in demand than others, but waiting list are over , But, again, at best this shows we should require would-be kidney sellers to be licensed. Before being allowed to sell, they must pass a test, akin to a driver’s license exam, showing they. The very idea of legalization might sound gruesome to most people, but it shouldn't, especially since research shows it would save lives.

In the United States, where the National Organ Transplantation Act prohibits compensation for organ donating, there are only about 20, kidneys every year for the approximately 80, patients on the .

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