Poverty and education argumentative essay

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Poverty and education argumentative essay

More Essay Examples on Poverty and education argumentative essay Rubric For instance, Townsend in his quest for the meaning of poverty, points out that poverty is a dynamic, not a static, concept. He opposes to poverty being an absolute state and, refers to it as relative deprivation.

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The point made is that the ongoing development of society, almost simultaneously, creates new needs for its growing population hence the benchmarks for poverty changes with time.

Thus, the general principle should be that poverty refers to those individuals and families whose resources, fall short of the resources dominated by the average individual or families in the community in which they live Townsend, It seems fair to stipulate that there are a variety of reasons for why people are living in poverty.

This essay will Poverty and education argumentative essay to emphasise on how these various factors of poverty as well as social policy are baselines towards understanding poverty and creating inequalities, hence informing social workers on how to address these needs of service users. Available literature seems to agree that poverty is not just connected with financial adversities.

It is an ailment which affects individuals, families as well as households and whole communities. This ailment occurs from a lack of basic necessities education, health, housing, employment, among others that are necessary to maintain healthy living. There has also been research in the significance of gender and its link with poverty, which found that there were different experiences of poverty by women and men that seemed to be related with access to different types of employment and family roles i.

Understanding gender divisions is important for social work because issues affecting women ought to be included as part of the agenda in social policy. Other research studies have found that children who grow up in families with low incomes are significantly more likely to experience a wide range of problems and poorer developmental outcomes than children from wealthier families.

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For example, poverty also correlates with inadequate nutrition, which in turn is associated with low birth weight Duncan and Brooks-Gunn, The latter has also been considered as an important measure of wellbeing for infants and as a predictive of later behavior problems and poor school achievement.

From a social work stance this could also be related to children being placed at risk as well as becoming looked after. Similarly, poverty has been linked with income in terms of poor families having lesser financial resources to allocate to their children.

Duncan and Brooks-Gunn also mention that avoiding the adverse consequences of deep or persistent poverty in early childhood is key for the healthy cognitive development of children. Research further evidences that poverty is a key defining characteristic of service users accessing social services but more significantly is the arguable role of social policy in the perpetuation of poverty Price, and Foster, For example, Foster has stated that pension policy provision is likely to have a significant impact on the lives of those in older age, whom will subsequently require assistance from social services.

Moreover, poverty also correlates with other factors such as unemployment and social isolation, which in turn can contribute towards family break-down Cunningham and Cunningham, Economic factors have been found to play a part in child poverty where connection was also made with policy decision in to up-rate benefits in line with prices instead of earning Bradshaw, More current, the forecast for the cuts in the welfare reform bill, such as raising income tax threshold and Universal Credit, proposed by the Coalition Government is that they are likely to increase the levels of child poverty as well as other vulnerable groups such as disability and lone-parent families.

Adams, et al similarly states there is a close relationship between poverty and social policies relating to health, housing and education. For example, homelessness and poor housing conditions have been associated with low-income and contributing factors towards health problems.

Dowling has equally pointed out a number of areas in government policy which have impacted on the poor, namely policies that have limited public spending, introduction of regressive taxes i.

Therefore it is important to understand how the state and social capital may deprive vulnerable groups Foster, A starting point for this could be by considering the sociological explanation of poverty. Cunningham and Cunningham present these into three categories: Understanding the concepts offered by these paradigms regarding the causes of poverty influence or direct policy making.

For example, politicians and the media have sought connections with the subdivisions of the individualist theories, such as cycle of deprivation and culture of poverty, to rationalise current policy and practice. In this regard, as postulated by Davis and Wainwright the extent to which social workers recognise the impact of poverty on service users will be influenced as much by the value base of their practice as the organisational framework in which they work.

This in it itself may be pejorative to services users that require social care assistance. Dowling takes the above stances further by exploring whether or not the poor need social work, she finds that the poverty of social service users is related to policies that have restructured welfare in Britain, such as income inequality lone parent families being the most affected and the community care legislation where private homes for those with learning disabilities and mental health problems were developed with a for-profit motive rather than a social care perspective.

For many service users poverty is a persistent feature in their lives, where issues of inequality become also significant. As such, it is critical for social workers to possess a sociological understanding of key debates and issues related to poverty. Such as debates on how policy-makers shape the responses to poverty and structure the framework within which social workers can respond to poverty.

Poverty and education argumentative essay

Hence, awareness and understanding of poverty as well as broader social policy is an essential part of a reflective and critical approach to practice Adams, Dominelli and Payne, Importance of arts in education essay beowulf and macbeth essay le cumul des mandats dissertation writing concerning the spiritual in art essay on picasso argumentative essay for research paper drug the saddest day of my life short essay about myself weapons of ww1 essay hook absolute and relative poverty essay writing royal.

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Topics for a research paper Argumentative essay ideas List of definition essay topics Definition essay topics Improving your essay writing Biology topics Poverty and children in United States. There are several factors that have played a big role in children being in poverty in the US.

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