Pakistan in 2013

Power shortages were another issue in the election campaign.

Pakistan in 2013


Add Reply Introduction It is mandated in the Constitution of Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of years and enhance adult literacy. With the 18th constitutional amendment the concurrent list which comprised of 47 subjects was abolished and these subjects, including education, were transferred to federating units as a move towards provincial autonomy.

The year is important in the context that it marks the deadline for the participants of Dakar declaration Education For All [EFA] commitment including Pakistan. What is Education System?

The system of education includes all institutions that are involved in delivering formal education public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, onsite or virtual instruction and their faculties, students, physical infrastructure, resources and rules.

Pakistan in 2013 a broader definition the system also includes the institutions that are directly involved in financing, managing, operating or regulating such institutions like government ministries and regulatory bodies, central testing organizations, textbook boards and accreditation boards.

The rules and regulations that guide the individual and institutional interactions within the set up are also part of the education system. Education system of Pakistan: The education system of Pakistan is comprised ofinstitutions and is facilitating 41, students with the help of 1, teachers.

The system includespublic institutions and 80, private institutions. Analysis of education system in Pakistan Pakistan has expressed its commitment to promote education and literacy in the country by education policies at domestic level and getting involved into international commitments on education.

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In this regard national education policies are the visions which suggest strategies to increase literacy rate, capacity building, and enhance facilities in the schools and educational institutes. Problems of access, quality, infrastructure and inequality of opportunity, remain endemic.

The MDGs have laid down two goals for education sector: The goal 2 of MDGs is to achieve Universal Primary Education UPE and bychildren everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

Pakistan in 2013

By the year the enrolment statistics show an increase in the enrolment of students of the age of year while dropout rate decreased. But the need for increasing enrolment of students remains high to achieve MDGs target. It is aimed at eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education by and in all levels of education not later than There is a stark disparity between male and female literacy rates.

Provinces reported the same gender disparity. EFA Review Report October outlines that despite repeated policy commitments, primary education in Pakistan is lagging behind in achieving its target of universal primary education. Currently the primary gross enrolment rate stands at Of the estimated total primary school going Economic Survey of Pakistan confirms that during the year literacy remained much higher in urban areas than in rural areas and higher among males.

The goal under Vision is one curriculum and one national examination system under state responsibility. The strategies charted out to achieve the goal included: The issues lead to the comprehension of the problems which are faced in the development of education system and promotion of literacy.

The study outlines seven major problems such as:The India–Pakistan border incidents was a series of armed skirmishes along the Line of Control (LoC) in the disputed Kashmir area.

Starting from the mid-January , they have been described as the "worst bout of fighting in the region in nearly 10 years". It began on 6 January , when according to Pakistani reports Indian forces attacked a Pakistani border post, killing one soldier.

July 30 – Mamnoon Hussain is elected as the 12th President of Pakistan in Presidential election, he will be sworn in on 9 September. August. August 14 – People of Pakistan celebrated 67th independence day of their country on 14 August. September. September 6 – Defence Day is celebrated in Pakistan.

Pakistan in 2013

In Pakistan exported 7,, metric tons of cement. Pakistan has an installed capacity of 44,, metric tons of cement and 42,, metric tons of clinker. In and , the cement industry in Pakistan became the most profitable sector of the economy.

Livestock revolution enabled Pakistan to significantly raise agriculture productivity and rural incomes in s. Economic activity in dairy, meat and poultry sectors now accounts for just over 50% of the nation's total agricultural output. The result is that per capita value added to agriculture in Pakistan is almost twice as much as that in Bangladesh and India.

Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West [AHMED RASHID] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Pakistan on the brink is a reflection of the socio-economic crisis pakistan has been suffering from since the assassination of osama bin laden.

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Ahmed rashid has done a lengthy research for twenty years on countries like pakistan. Pakistan Population The population of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is estimated to be about million people, which is an increase of about % from the last record of the population. The population had been less than both the population of Bangladesh and the United States of America.

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