Lithuanian local basketball requires changes

Duchy of Lithuania Lithuanian brooches from 9th—12th centuries The first people settled in the territory of Lithuania after the last glacial period in the 10th millennium BC: KundaNeman and Narva cultures. They were traveling hunters and did not form stable settlements. In the 8th millennium BC, the climate became much warmer, and forests developed.

Lithuanian local basketball requires changes

Lithuanian national team matches in the Championships are the most followed. There is a championship every year: With a few exceptions, Lithuania managed to qualify to all of them in the past 20 years so the nation is rarely left without these events that unify it every summer or early September.

From autumn to spring the season of basketball clubs takes place. These teams, representing two largest cities of Lithuania, are major rivals at least their fans are and they both play in multiple tournaments: These teams have managed to take second places in the local tournaments, however, they have yet to come first.

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Unlike the national team, which has never been out of Top 10 at the official FIBA rankings, the Lithuanian clubs are somewhat weaker. Cheaper tickets and less advertisement revenue rarely let them compete against the might of the top Spanish, Israeli and Western European teams in hiring the best basketball players.

Therefore the best Lithuanian talent usually plays abroad. Under his coaching, Lithuania became the European champions in and The Soviet occupation in destroyed the plan to host European championship in Lithuania and removed the Lithuanian national team from the basketball geography.

Lithuanian team became European champions incatapulting basketball to the level of national sport and winning the right to host the event, where they successfully defended the title. Basketball remained strong in Lithuania despite the sad political events.

Once Lithuania regained independence, its national basketball team became its best advertisement abroad. The best Lithuanian players managed to join the NBA e.

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Many other good basketball players played in the Western European leagues as the gap between European and American basketball was dwindling with salaries in Europe sometimes even surpassing NBA ones.

In Atlanta games, Lithuanians broke their own record with 22 points this was the best result ever for any team at the time. InLithuania hosted the European Basketball Championship and this led to a major craze.

In the months leading to the championship, 13 balls were dribbled to every town and many villages of Lithuania by hundreds of volunteers akin to the Olympic fire and reminiscent of centuries-old religious processions. Afterward these 13 balls were given to the Lithuanian national basketball team 12 players and the coach during the most expensive live TV show in Lithuanian history.

The dribblers of 13 balls enter Palanga resort after an 11 km march from Kretinga.

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A Eurobasket event. Lithuanian basketball players continue to be the only Lithuanian professional sportsmen to earn millions of dollars per season. Where to see basketball in Lithuania To see basketball in Lithuania, your best is are Vilnius and Kaunas arenas. Basketball monument in front of Vilnius arena, home to Lietuvos rytas team.

Cultural milieu

Names of famous Lithuanian players and coaches are inscribed on the monument. Lietuvos Rytas games are the pinnacle of local Lithuanian club basketball.

They take place some dozen times a season in different leagues. There are several monuments to basketball in Lithuania: Two feature documentary films are created on Lithuanian basketball: Lithuania" shows the Lithuanian team preparation for Eurobasket The screen beyond the ball-shaped door shows the controversial final minute of Munich Olympics final USA vs.If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade.

Lithuanian local basketball requires changes

It started to change on 10 October , Notable for his efforts in coaching and popularizing basketball in Lithuania during the late s.

He also firmly contributed in developing nowadays basketball in Lithuania. however he never did that because the basketball citizenship rules from the period required three years playing in.

Local government. Lithuania is divided into apskritys (counties), which are then is Lithuania’s most popular sport, and the country boasts several professional leagues. Basketball has grown in popularity, and Lithuania’s team has excelled in international competitions. feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that.

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“The kids want to play basketball professionally, but is this an example how you should behave?”.

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