Levels of analysis and the stu

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Levels of analysis and the stu

Li Dan In JulyShantou University established Veritas College, a residential college where various academic and community activities were organized to enrich the extra-curricular life of the residential students.

Those activities enabled the residential students from different majors to share different thoughts and interests, and also helped broadening their horizons, developing their interpersonal relationships, as well as strengthening their confidence, independence and sense of social responsibility.

English Language Center[ edit ] Director: The core of its program consists of a two-year series of required courses. The ELC also offers elective courses which are aimed at more specialized skills debate, speech, academic writing, etc.

The ELC organizes many co-curricular activities. The mission statement of the ELC aims to highlight its distinctive aspect; it emphasizes proficiency, autonomy, sustainability, intercultural competence, and critical thinking.

Levels of analysis and the stu

It has developed a series of featured teaching models such as Credit System of International Standard, English Enhancement Program, CDIO approach of engineering education and system-based integrated medical curriculum. In quest of a unique educational model, STU made tremendous efforts to integrate such educational aspects as community service, liberal arts and sportsmanship into its holistic approach to talent training.

Credit System of International Standard[ edit ] InSTU implemented a credit system similar to those that have been proved successful for universities in developed countries, which provides students greater opportunities to choose a wider range of elective courses.

This reform will provide STI students with more freedom in selecting courses and may lead to the establishment of a new interdisciplinary curriculum. The objective of the program is to make the students better at communication, critical thinking and innovation with the use of English.

Levels of analysis and the stu

The measure is to teach the students how to think and communicate in English through teaching and learning exchanges, and help the students develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, etc. The courses were designed to provide students with different learning experiences and to develop their integrative thinking ability and lifelong learning ability.

International Accreditation for Undergraduate Programs[ edit ] STU continued to promote its work concerning international accreditation for its undergraduate programs. This was a first for the university. By mainly offering general-education courses, service-learning activities and quality development projects, it gradually instilled the educational idea of the 4Cs Culture, Civility, Character, Care into every aspect of talent training.

InSTU established the first full-range residential college for undergraduate students in mainlan China, Veritas College, where students from different majors live together to share different thoughts. STU made tremendous efforts to integrate such educational aspects as community service, liberal arts and sportsmanship into its holistic approach to talent training.

The University initiated compulsory community service courses to expand the application of the service-learning model. It was advocated that such courses should be connected to service-learning activities.

The aim was to help students achieving all-round development, and to strengthen their sense of social responsibility and dedication. Shishapangma, as well as community-service activities and expeditions at Brahmaputra River and Hoh Xil. The University now offers a comprehensive education system from bachelor to doctorate programs, including a 7-year master program in Clinical Medicine.

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Currently, STU has a staff of 5, and over 9, students and has nurtured nearly 70, graduates. It enrolls qualified students from all over the country including Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Taiwan.

International Exchange and Cooperation[ edit ] STU takes full advantage of the support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the ties with overseas universities to strengthen academic exchange and cooperation.

Some famous scientists from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University of California at Berkeley UCB and University of Western Australia were also recruited as honorary professors, chair professors or adjunct professors to deliver academic lectures at the university.

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Under the auspice of the Li Ka Shing FoundationSTU has become one of the few universities in Mainland China that awards full scholarships to overseas exchange students. The university has established close academic ties with nearly 20 universities in such countries as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Russia, Australia and Germany, and launched exchange programs for undergraduates and graduate students.

Programs Exchange program between Whitman College U. To recommend graduate and undergraduate students with outstanding academic performance to study for an MSc in Global Health Sciences in the University of Oxford, a program funded by the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

To fund graduate students for research training in University of Western Australia during summer vacation.At Pennsylvania State University A descriptive analysis of enrollment and achievement among English language learner students in Pennsylvania April The individual-state-system-levels of analysis are the foundation of the International Relations study.

A summary from Rourke's "International Politics on the World Stage" explanation on the levels of analysis. The Three Levels of Analysis . SMART IEPs leslutinsduphoenix.com Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Begin by analyzing your child’s present levels of performance.

In this article we present a theoretical analysis of the nature and development of children's achievement task values. Our approach builds on traditional expectancy-value theory and also on a model of achievement choice developed by Eccles and her colleagues.

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