Indoor golf simulator bar business plan

Here we will llook at different revenue models and which will work best for your clientele, location and services. Charge by the Hour The seemingly easy method for making money is to charge by the hour. This strategy is generally more effective in establishments with a variety of activity. Sports bars and family centers are the most logical setups for this type of billing as the environment is more casual, and patrons have the opportunity to experience many different types of entertainment.

Indoor golf simulator bar business plan

Overview X-Golf Franchise Company Our state of the art simulators each have their own screens designed with a real world perspective for the ultimate golf simulator experience. Each simulator has an automatic ball feeder, high performance graphics engine, precision sensor system, and sophisticated swing analysis.

On X-Golf simulators, customers have the ability to play over world famous golf courses; points based challenge, training modes, and compete with players around the world.

Beyond that, the atmosphere is similar to a bowling alley with socializing and consumption of alchohol to help create a vibrant ambiance that allows customers to have fun on and off the tee. We have years experience owning and operating indoor golf centers all around the world. X-Golf offers industry unique options such as automatic ball teeing and feeding system with adjustable tee height s, and a customized shifting floor that changes lie position on the course.

indoor golf simulator bar business plan

X-Golf offers over world famous golf courses and many different game play modes for serious or amateur golfers. As the outdoor golf market struggles with attracting a younger audience, virtual golf stands to supplement and introduce the sport to the younger, new crowd. This new generation wants faster paced game without hour rounds and the ability to play day or night, in a high tech environment.

Currently, there are 25, golfers in the U. As these digital age customers continue to grow, we believe that the demand for the X-Golf model will continue to grow. This demand will fuel continued growth for each franchisee by continuing to be on the forefront of this new golf era.

Top Training and Support- We have a fully laid out operations manual to help deal with the paperwork and setup of your new company and employees. We are currently developing an all-exclusive store management software program for POS, inventory, scheduling, integration with nationwide tournament software, on screen advertising, and more.

X-Golf Franchise Company is there for you every step of the way. From site selection, design, initial marketing plan to on-site training at the new location, an X-Golf pro will show you everything you need to know. A member of X-Golf will visit periodically to check in and go over new updates to the system and franchise program.

Your investment with us not only goes towards the support and additional training but also to ensure that our technology will continue to be on the forefront of the industry. Profitability- Once the initial investment is placed into your new center, the over head is low compared to traditional retail environments.

This, combined with a high margin on the majority of sales makes it a high income potential with the ability to recoup your investment quickly. Our income model is based on the following:Use these opportunities to increase the appeal of your indoor golf business. For generations, golfers have had to follow the rules and hours of the standard golf course.

With your facility you can offer tee times and scenarios no outdoor golf club can. Nov 05,  · As the owner of an indoor golf center and a partner with numerous indoor golf part it is a localized business model that needs to be created around what that specific area needs such as a sports bar, restaurant, golf performance/fitness or even renting bikes and selling ice cream in the summer.

indoor golf simulator, INDOOR. Indoor golf research, start up model and free business plan. Get our free indoor golf business plan guide and check out the other great resources on our site.

Mar 04,  · Indoor Golf Center/Bar. By MickeyBlue I was looking for some advice/comments/ideas on setting up an indoor golf business in the suburbs of a major city with winter lasting around 5 months.

Running Your Indoor Golf Business

My early revenue projections show the simulator business would cover my costs to run the place with some left over but the . In most indoor golf centers owners combine both methods, especially when there are multiple simulators.

One or two simulators can be dedicated to full rounds and charges are based per number of holes and rounds. X-Golf Franchise Corporation is currently expanding across the U.S. with our 9 th store open and operating.

Our plan to revolutionize the indoor golf business is well underway!

indoor golf simulator bar business plan

Our plan to revolutionize the indoor golf business is well underway!

Commercial Grade Golf Simulator Options for Your Indoor Center