Edok ang dakilang abnoy sa lansangan

Marcos — turned out to be a massive PR victory for the current president, Rodrigo Duterte, and yet another dismal day of reckoning for the limping Liberal Party. Effectively making it a public holiday — government offices and schools were closed — he invited all groups, whether they were for him, against him or indifferent to him, to take to the streets and protest against whatever they liked. And, along with the rest of us, it did.

Edok ang dakilang abnoy sa lansangan

Edok ang dakilang abnoy sa lansangan

There are those who would otherwise bite their tongue to stop themselves from saying anything hurtful face-to-face; but they park all decency at the door before entering the World Wide Web.

But I also do believe that speech ought not to bludgeon the truth. And speech ought not to express discrimination of race, color or physical or mental handicaps. One of the slurs thrown against President Benigno Aquino III during the poll campaign last year was that he was autistic.

Ergo, someone autistic is incapable of being president. Someone autistic is an object to be laughed at. In OctoberButch del Castillo wrote why he did not think Sen. Aquino should be president: Sometimes, he looks and acts even silly.

His acceptance speech after his acclamation by the Liberal Party was a big disappointment. That speech left many people wondering if Sen. Noynoy is abnormal — and therefore should not be voted president — seemed all there.

As a 3-year-old, Noynoy was a hyperactive tot.

His boundless energy made him run around here, there and everywhere in their residential compound. For his own safety, he had to be put on a a makeshift leash controlled by his yaya or nanny.

It took a courageous Kris Aquino to save her helpless brother from being mangled, but she herself got bitten in the lower leg. This must be true, I thought in horror.

Except for one tiny detail. And how old was Kris? Noynoy was born February 8, and Kris was born February 14, You get the picture. But that Doberman scene that Butch retold sure was realistic. Butch del Castillo also wrote: In or at the age of 5 he did enter a special school. And President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo once taught there.

It must really be very special. One other thing, Butch.

Digmaan sa Gitnang Silangan

In the circles that I circulate in, I was taken aback by the little anecdotes about Noynoy, all of which only seem to add credence and depth to suspicions of his actual condition. For example, there is this councilor from Makati who claims to have known Noynoy since he was a boy.

For all we know he is just making this up, considering that he belongs to a rival political party. But still, it would be very hard to cook up such things. Wow, Noynoy was just scrunched up in a corner, stupidly quiet, and drooling.

But two paragraphs later, you described a very different kid: For his own safety, he had to be put on a makeshift leash controlled by his yaya or nanny.

Not yourself maybe or your own kid? I knew your wife Julie when she and I were working in Business Day newspaper.Nakita at naramdaman na niya ang pagmamahal ng isang dakilang ina, at spoiled mula sa mga kababaihang marangal.

mahirap tumbasan ang ehemplo ng Aquino sisters. di bale, may grasya at awa ang . GALLO, Audrey Nicole R. October 2, IV-BACOMM Last Saturday, we watched “Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank” during Introduction To Film class. It is a movie that follows two aspiring filmmakers, Bingbong (played by JM De Guzman) and Rainier (played by Kean Cipriano), as they venture into making a film that would gain them international .

Sa palagay ko, ang may malaking kasalanan sa malaking gulong ito ay ang mga kastila, muslim, bisaya at intsik, isasama ko na rin ang mga hindu at kapangpangang ayaw umamin o .

ano sa palagay mo itong nang yayari sa marawi nahalos ubos na ang terorista,itong mga napapatay at nahuli na adict na sundalot pulis,adict na tambay,mga pusher,druglords,carnaper,leslutinsduphoenix.com,kidnaper,leslutinsduphoenix.comng ito sa mga libolibong napapatay hindi pa ba ito malaking pangyayari pra sa iyo?

nku pre ang high na man ng standard mo alam mo high . Dec 22,  · May mandato ang korte na ipagtanggol higit sa lahat ang karapatang pang-tao ng indibidwal kontra sa labis-labis na kapangyarihan ng pamahalaan, lalong-lalo pa kung wala pang naisasampang kaso.

Matagal na itong prinsipio at hindi na kailangang leslutinsduphoenix.com: Filipinos for Change. Aug 28,  · ANK: Utang ni Ferdinand Marcos Vs. Utang ni Noynoy Aquino (Boycott Bias ABS-CBN) - Duration: Noynoy Abnoy And Friends 97, views.

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