Computer games are harmful to children essay

One of the common games in between children is computer game. Someone think playing computer games is a waste of time and someone have opposite idea.

Computer games are harmful to children essay

Our children in a lot of cases know how to use a computer before they start school and all teaching systems depend heavily on computer usage. Medicine treatment and research is dependent largely on computers.

Heck even our cars are run by computer chips. There are Windows, MacIntosh and Linux systems out there for people to use as their skills and needs require.

In the case of massive blackouts, such as was seen last summer in the States and Canada, people were lost and could not function because bank cards would not work, traffic lights would not work, telephones would not work.

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I guess my question is are we too dependent on the computer world these days? Would society as we know it be able to function without a computer or have we all in some ways become a slave to the computer?

Don't get me wrong on this subject, I am not knocking computers in any way. I am as guilty or more so than the next person having 3 computers myself and two operating systems windows and Linux.

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But having just had some major server problems, I realized how much I depend on having the computer system around.Today, children, teenagers, and adults are exposed to violence throughout their lives.

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Computer games are harmful to children essay

for only $/page. Order Now. In the end, violent video games are harmful for you, and everyone else. They cause disruptive behavior, promote violence.

And of course, games are part of learning to use a computer.

Computer games are harmful to children essay

Books are how we play with words. Video games are how we play with computers.I made my share of mistakes as a parent, but one thing I. In its report on video game usage, it finds that 42 percent of children play video games for at least one hour per day.” (Nakaya) It is commonly believed that children play video games too much, and that this has a negative effect on the mental status of teens.

The Negative Effects of Video Games Essay Words | 6 Pages. Video games began in the late s. It is highly interactive but also a distinct simulation of the real world and the world of thinking.

Aug 27,  · Fanboy Wars: The Newest eBook From Forbes The Fight For The Future Of Video Games is a warts-and-all look at the clashes between the video game business and its passionate fans. Many children play Computer Games to relieve anger while others play Computer Games to relax their bodies.

Children are given healthy and safe opportunities to virtually explore the rules and consequences of violent behavior when they play Computer Games (Bartholow, Bushman & Sestir, ).

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