Assault and domestic violence attorney

Please leave this field empty. Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Attorney The repercussions from a domestic violence charge are among the most traumatizing of any criminal offense. If you have been charged with attacking someone in your family, you not only risk being sent to jail. You are also in jeopardy of being forbidden to return home, prohibited from seeing your children, and having your family relationships damaged beyond repair.

Assault and domestic violence attorney

A Virginia or local Fairfax criminal law attorney can explain how your unique case may be interpreted. When it comes to other alleged victims and defendants, however, whether they live together does not matter.

Any person who cohabits with the defendant. Children of a person who cohabits or cohabited with the defendant within the previous 12 months, who is not the child of the defendant.

Class 1 misdemeanor or a Class 6 felony. We think it is important for those charged with any criminal offense to speak with a criminal defense attorney, because in Virginia, a Class 1 misdemeanor can be severe. It is a Class 6 felony if the accused party has been convicted within the past 20 years of any combination of two of the following offenses against a family or household member, all of which must have occurred on separate dates: Unless the defendant is under the age of 18 a minorwhen a warrant is issued for an alleged violation of an assault and battery against a family or household member, an emergency protective order must also be issued.

We represent people accused of crimes in Northern Virginia, and our Fairfax criminal lawyer is willing to meet with you at no cost, and no obligation whatsoever.

We can answer questions you have about any protective order that may have been issued against you recently or that may be issued against you in the future based upon a charge or accusation. That said, however, the defendant will still be placed on probation.

The case may be dismissed only if: Additionally, other stipulations may apply, including good behavior for at least two years. Deportation Consequences Assault of a family member will result in deportation of a non-U. Requirement for Active Duty Members of the U.

Armed Forces If found guilty of an assault and battery against a family or household member, then the convicted person is required to report the conviction to family advocacy representatives of the U. However, in recent years, Virginia has shifted in some respects. AG 55 September 14, If the facts of your case are alleged to have occurred in the Northern Virginia area, then you may want to seriously consider calling our strategically-minded, friendly, and passionate Fairfax criminal law attorney like ours, for a free case evaluation and consultation.

Therefore, we choose to keep our online discussion to a minimum when it comes to sexual crimes. If charged with this crime or under investigation, please call our law offices to speak with a Fairfax criminal lawyer.

We do not judge, we simply protect rights of those facing the criminal justice system. Assault and Battery Defenses Defense to Assault and Battery — Burden of Proof and Mental State Requirement If you have been charged with any crime, then the prosecution must prove the elements of the offense.

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Most crimes require an intent on the part of the defendant for a finding of guilt. If the bus suddenly swerves and a person falls on top of another person, even though that person who was touched may not have consented to that touching, and even he or she was injured as a result, the person who fell as a result of the serving bus would not be deemed to have possessed the required state of mind — or intention — to commit an assault and battery offense.

But if you did not intentionally select the alleged victim based on race or one of the other factorsthen you should not be punished under the more severe sentencing standards.

For more clarification with regard to whether or not your state of mind or intent is important to bring up at trial given your specific case, ask a legal professional who practices criminal law.

If your case is to be heard in a court in the general Northern Virginia area, consider calling or messaging our attentive and zealous Fairfax criminal lawyer. Excuses and Justifications — Assault and Battery Defenses Sometimes, a person charged with an assault and battery offense has a valid excuse or justification.

These are two fundamentally different terms. A justification is usually a type of defense that anyone could use, regardless of their status or condition. An example is self-defense. Whether or not your facts give rise to a possible defense based on a legal excuse or justification, our Fairfax criminal lawyer will need to review the facts of your case.

We offer a no-cost initial consultation, as well as generous discounts and flat-fees.

Assault and domestic violence attorney

Generally, an excuse is an action that the criminal justice system recognizes as harmful but forgivable.Assault and domestic violence cases require an attorney who knows how to investigate allegations thoroughly and cast doubt on the complainant’s credibility.

We believe that everyone has the right to discretion and an expert defense, and we regularly handle these cases. NJ Domestic Violence Defense Attorney With offices in Hackensack, Newark, Morristown NJ. Domestic Violence in New Jersey can refer to a number of you’ve been charged with a NJ domestic violence related crime, please do some research on what penalties you’re facing, and learn how we can beat those.

Get an Aggravated Assault, Battery or Domestic Violence Lawyer Assault and battery can lead to high fines and imprisonment based on the severity of the charge. Aggravated assault and aggravated battery are felonies in the state of Idaho/5(5).

Having an Olive Branch, MS criminal defense lawyer by your side when you're charged with domestic violence can make a difference. Call The Stroud Law Firm.

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Our Michigan domestic violence attorney of Prain Law, PLLC will fight for your rights in the event of a domestic violence 3rd offense charge. Contact us today. Many domestic violence crimes will fall under the Commonwealth’s assault statutes (Title 18 Chapter 27 of the Pennsylvania Code).

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