About writing articles

By Jim Austin Jul. Just as rare are programs designed to help doctoral students and postdocs learn how to create a research plan.

About writing articles

I love to write, and I can write well, quickly. This has translated into a lot of money over the past few years.

I used to search the web to find super easy ways to make money. These were easy, mundane, and almost effortless income sources. However, I soon found out that most of these so-called programs were either scams or only allowed me to earn about 50 to dollars a month, if I was lucky.

Thereafter, I started to look for ways to make money that took a little more effort. I still hoped for the simplicity of working from my computer, but I was willing to work a little harder. Using your Skills I took an inventory of my skills and realized that writing was a skill I had that could involve the internet.

Instead of looking for programs, I looked for legitimate ideas toward a business plan.

What do our existing customers say?

Looking at money making ideas as a business makes it more secure and hopefully more lucrative. Are you a Good Writer? There is a wide range when it comes to writing quality. In the online writing market, there is demand for it all, or at least most of it.

Some people are willing to pay for sub-par content, but at a much lower price. What does this mean for you?

Some were difficult to get a hang of, but I have found my favorites. If you want to make money writing articles online, you have to treat it like a business and find work. It is basically freelance writing done online, but you can venture into offline territory as well.

Here are a few sites I use personally and recommend.

about writing articles

One might appeal to you more than another, which is completely fine. Textbroker Textbroker is one of my favorite freelance writing opportunities.

It is very well-organized and accommodates for all sorts of writing and price ranges. Textbroker is set on star levels 2 through 5.

Writing Systems and Networking Articles

Level 5 is considered premium content and requires far superior writing compared to all three of the other levels. When you sign up with Textbroker, you have to do a writing test by writing a short sample article.

They will then read and rate your article to place you in the right category. Most people start at level 3 or 4 unless they put a lot of effort into it with excellent writing to reach level 5 or put very little effort into it to reach stay at level 2.

You can raise levels over time. Your articles will all be rated. As you write better articles, your level goes higher.

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The incentive to go up a level is the extra payment. The editors will send you an email every time they rate an article including constructive criticism that will help you make your next articles up to par. Textbroker typically has a large number of available articles to write. They are in categories and set up by level.

When you click on and article you think you want to write, there will be instructions from the client. They can accept it or deny it depending on how well you wrote it and followed their instructions.Here are my most recent articles: Training 14 Great Books Chicago’s Best Tips on Great Summer Programs Former Summers Speak “Must Haves” in Associate Training Training Tips from an Am Law Superstar Recruiting Writing Sample Blues Providing Feedback.

Nov 18,  · News about Writing and Writers, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Pro Article Writing Service delivers high quality web content articles. Write Articles for Me did a very good job with the project I gave them.

I provided a detailed outline and it was fleshed out beautifully. Some language was a bit formal for my intended audience, but after some minor edits I’m very pleased. Oct 02,  · Learn how to write an article for the FCE Writing Paper.

For more tips & advice on the FCE Writing Paper: leslutinsduphoenix.com In Writer’s Digest I write about, well, writing, so people who read my articles there would naturally be interested in my writing blog. But when I write for, say, The Federal Credit Union, I probably wouldn’t see much traffic from that.

about writing articles
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